The end of an era…


I was never a fan of flags. And I mean the little plastic ones… The kind fools wave while listening to liars.

I was never a fan of team jerseys either.

The two things that would light up my “fan lights” have always been the environment and music.

I consider the second to be mankind’s most beautiful inspiration. And find it fascinating how it interweaves with our lives.

Steely Dan always have been, and always will be, my all time, “no time” favorite band. Their music has always been there, throughout my life… At beginnings and endings, in times of joy and grief, through efforts, at moments of disappointment and success, at partings and welcoming s. Their music always made me feel “at home”…

I consider Donald Fagen & Walter Becker the most important contributors to rock ‘n roll music. To the music of the century, overall. Many high end musicians and bands have been and will continue to be influenced by their musical genius. I beg all of them to Do it Again…

The ingenious musical duo of Steely Dan are not a duo any more…

Rest in peace Walter Becker…

THANKS for the music to both of you…


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